Andy Wright, music producer based in Leeds, UK

I work with singers, songwriters and bands in a variety of musical genres

I’ve been producing music for years and have written and collaborated with a variety of artists. I work with singers, songwriters, and bands to produce folk, rock, dance, and acoustic and alternative tracks.

There is nothing more inspiring and exciting than taking a musical idea and turning it into musical gem that grabs hold of the listener.

I work out of my recording studio in Leeds. My clients benefit from my extensive knowledge of being a songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist.

My goal is always to create outstanding music to give that little bit of magic which enhances and completes your creative project.

Studio based in Leeds

Making music should always be fun, which is why I always aim to create a relaxed and confortable environment where you can be creative with like-minded people.


I play guitar, bass, piano, drums and percussion, and I often play on my clients tracks if they need that extra support.


Balancing of all the components so that they all sit in a distinct sonic space, is one of the most important parts of any project. It’s also a key element to create a musical journey which emotionally engages with the listener.

I write for TV & Film

You can benefit from my knowledge and experience in of writing for all instruments.

Artists have come to me with finished songs, but others with just lyrics or a vision of what they are looking to achieve, so we write the music together.


The instrumentation you use will influence the feel and style of your music and so it must be carefully considered.

I can help you in defining your sound and help you define yourself in the marketplace.


Recording varies in complexity depending on whether you are recording vocals in a studio or a choir in a church.

I know how to record all instruments and ensembles, and I can help with locational recording if there is a specific venue that you have in mind.


In order to take the listener on a journey arrangement is critical in maximising the impact of a piece of music.

I have worked on a variety of projects and have years of experience in a variety of genres and clients.


I spent 15 years in marketing working across a variety of channels, such as TV, radio, and online

I am always happy to provide advice and guidance on all aspects marketing, PR, and promotion.

Film & TV Composer

I’m a Leeds based composer writing bespoke compositions as well as library music. I have composed and recorded music in a wide range of styles from intimate textural work, to epic orchestral arrangements.

Film & TV Composer

My Work

Working with you, I’ll create the perfect musical accompaniment for your creative project.

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Music Producer

I’ve been producing music for years and have written for a variety of artists. I work with singers, songwriters and bands to produce folk, rock, dance, and acoustic and alternative.

Music Producer

Marketing Campaigns

I know what it takes to get your brand noticed. I have experience in both TV and Radio marketing campaigns, and can create that catchy jingle or perfect accompaniment to your ad.

Advertising composer

Music for games

I have the technology, experience and a proven track record in delivering outstanding compositions for games. I have worked on a variety of games from children’s mobile apps to multiplayer online games.

Games Composer